MultiPay Integrations

Payment Integrations

MultiPay can work with any acquirer to integrate payment technology into card machines, PEDS and EPOS systems. Our uniquely agile way of working means our customers can launch their payment integration in a fraction of the time that it takes with other solution providers.

App-to-App Solutions

Building App-to-App solutions can involve many different parties. MultiPay take the hassle away by using our in-house teams of skilled and experienced developers to build solutions tailored to our customer’s needs, and to satisfy evolving consumer payment demands.


With the emergence of e-wallets and bank-to-bank payments, MultiPay have developed a range of solutions in order to link alternative payment methods across Europe.

Mobile POS

Our mobile integration solutions have led us to produce our propriety software enabling mobile payments through card terminals, MPOS, iPad’s and tablets.

Bespoke Solutions

If you have a bright idea or any bespoke payments requirement, MultiPay can build any payment integrations or software to support any innovative business.

The MultiPay Difference


What is normally a long winded and complicated process is simplified using our single integrated payment gateway.


We are acquirer and hardware agnostic allowing us to be agile with the ability to work with any acquirer and hardware supplier.


Our core focus is to build innovative and ground breaking payments technology for our customers.


Our Merchants have full control over the entire payments process with complete visibility and granular reconciliation tools.

MultiPay Customers

As one of the World's largest clothing retailers, Zara are leaders in influencing mainstream fashion trends.  MultiPay provide an integrated payment solution across their European stores.

With stores in over 20 countries, Sports Direct needed a solution to integrate payments into their existing EPOS infrastructure using multiple acquirers which MultiPay currently provide them with.

As leaders in online payments across the Nordic regions, LS Retail wanted to offer their customers a card present solution which MultiPay provide allowing them to offer a multi-channel experience.